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AFT helps you make your dream come true setting up a hardware store
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Together we'll make a great team, you have the enthusiasm and the fire, we have the experience.

It is well known how important it is to enter the commercial world with the backing of a large company, it is in these instances where hardware franchises have been so successful.

How to set up a hardware store with AFT

AFT group - A Forged Tool SA, is the leader in hardware franchises in Spain. We are suppliers of professional tools for hardware, DIY and gardening. 50 years of experience make it possible to offer the best support, the highest efficiency, benefits and competitiveness of your hardware franchise.

Over half a century, we have developed the model under which more than 350 establishments and more than 12,000 distributor customers are grouped together. An extensive presence in Spain and other European countries is our guarantee. Our logistics centre is one of the most advanced with regards to technology, management and human talent. All these advantages make us the first choice for those who wish to enter the world of hardware franchises in Spain.

The main objective is to support each of our customers and franchisees in their desire to set up a hardware store. Our management models guarantee the sustainability and success of the business project with a firm future and proven profitability.

Franchising for hardware stores - What do we offer?

  • Preparation of plans to assemble hardware.
  • Product Range Feasibility Study.
  • Commercial Space Design.
  • Our own management data processing (optional hardware and software).
  • Automated Product Replenishment.
  • More than 30,000 products in stock.
  • Free express delivery service (For purchases over 150€).
  • 15 families of structured and complete products.
  • Marketing support (3 types of brochures per year with no charge for campaign purchases).
  • Creation of corporate and/or client image.
  • Shop fitting installation.
  • Product placement by professional traders.
  • Point-of-sale advertising (3 posters per year free of charge).
  • Customised website(corporate and online shop).
  • Continuous Training and Support.

Our infrastructure

central con mas de 15000 m2

If you are wondering how to set up a hardware store, you should know that we have a covered area of more than 15,000m2 located in Granada. In this space we have a robot-guided warehouse, a small and medium products warehouse, and a large volume warehouse with a vertical silo.

Stocking of products based on potential clientele

As a hardware franchise, we understand that the needs of each customer group can vary. We are all to familiar with this so we are able to implement business models adapted to each market niche.

The most common models to be developed in hardware franchises in Spain are the following:

Proximity hardware and DIY centres

This configuration offers a range of products aimed at the general public, household consumables and household utilities. The small repairs, DIY, tools, organisation, household goods, drugstore and cleaning areas are added. Designed to meet the needs of a private individual at a local hardware store.

Industrial and Construction Supply

Within the business models that can be achieved with a hardware franchise, there is one that is focused on professionals. Here solutions are offered to construction personnel, workshops, maintenance and more. A product range that offers durability, precision, reliability, high performance and an excellent cost ratio.

Agricultural and nursery supplies

The franchises of hardware stores in Spain must take agricultural areas into account and have inputs for them. In response to this sector, we offer a very wide range of tools for agriculture, crops, sowing and gardening that adapt perfectly to the tasks of this sector.

Families of products available to set up a hardware store
  • Herramienta industrial y consumibles
  • Construcción y madera
  • Sellantes, fijación y tirafondos
  • Jardín, agricultura y trefilados
  • Material eléctrico y electrónica
  • Mobiliario jardín y playa, camping y piscinas
  • Calefacción y ventilación
  • Baño y fontanería
  • Material eléctrico y electrónica
  • Protección y Vestuario
  • Equipos de trabajo
  • Electroportátiles
  • Cerrajería y duplicado de llaves
  • Ferretería doméstica, ordenación, limpieza y drogueria
  • Menaje y Cocina

Requirements to setting up a hardware store

Establishment surface of premises or corner area no less than 12 linear metres of modules. In case of smaller spaces, consult the conditions with the sales department.

The permanent stock available at AFT is made up of items from our own brands, meeting the strictest requirements and the most demanding standards.

All items are subject to exchange, repair and service regulations grouped under Spanish law.

We are waiting for you at AFT to make your idea of setting up a hardware store a reality. We are your best commercial ally.

Activity: Hardware stores, DIY centres, industrial and construction supplies, agricultural supplies, nurseries, household and household stores.
Address: Avd. Andalucía 139 18015 GRANADA SPAIN info@aftgrupo.com
Franquicias: Hardware stores
Business Home: 1955
Franchise Home: 2004
Country of origin: Spain
Total Investment - Franchise Price: 12.000€ (please contact us for smaller investment options)
Initial fee: 0€
Royalty: 0€
Advertising fee: 0€
Contract Duration: No minimum
Size of premises: No minimum
Minimum Population: No minimum
Franchised Premises: 376
Activity: Business in hardware, professional and garden tools
Contact Person: Francisco Molina (Ext: 3204)

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